David Turner, Bursar at The Burn explains how Goodenough's Scottish academic retreat is celebrating a very special anniversary and how Alumni can get involved.

As we embark on a new academic year we would normally expect to host a number of undergraduate and postgraduate groups at The Burn but things are very different this year and we are unlikely to see any academic groups until 2021. We are, however, still open for business and it has been good to see so many College members and Alumni taking time out in this spectacular part of Scotland. Thankfully, COVID-19 is still a stranger to The Burn but measures are in place to keep our guests as safe as possible.

2020 marks The Burn’s 70th Anniversary as an academic retreat. Unfortunately, and after much deliberation, we have had to abandon our event plans to celebrate this significant milestone. However, we will still aim to mark the Anniversary in other ways and, in this regard, I would like to ask our Alumni  for help.

In 1950, when The Burn first opened its doors to students, life ran at a much more measured pace. Email was still a distant dream and many businesses had typing pools! Throughout the UK, there were two mail deliveries a day and it was always a thrill to receive a letter or postcard from a friend or relative. So, as autumn begins to paint its colours across the Scottish countryside, I encourage you to look back and link up by simply sending The Burn a postcard. It would be wonderful if The Burn received 70 cards, and even better if we could link to 70 countries!

All cards should depict their point of origin and be addressed to The Burn, Glenesk, Brechin, Scotland, UK, DD9 7YP. Each card will be treasured and kept in a commemorative album to mark The Burn’s 70th Anniversary. This is merely a bit of fun and a curious distraction during a very difficult and challenging time. If you would like to know more about visiting The Burn then following the links from the College website or go directly to The Burn website at www.theburn.co.uk .

Wish you were here …

 David Turner, Bursar, The Burn

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