Membership & Social Committee:


Port Talks: The Committee is continuing its Zoom Port Talk Series in 2021.

Event Calendar:  The Committee is considering a COVID-contingent event calendar for Fall ’21.

Membership Involvement: We are considering several initiatives to encourage all Canadian alumni to renew their annual membership and get involved in the LGAC community.  

Database Update: We completed a data confidentiality agreement with the College. This summer, we will conduct an exercise with the College to ensure our Alumni information is as current as possible.


Alumni Engagement Committee:

Newsletter: The Committee is working to produce a newsletter three or four times per year.

Goodenough Global:  The Committee is excited to work with the College’s new Hivebrite site to create a forum to market LGAC events and create a dialogue between Canadian alumni.

Website:  There is a major project to update the LGAC website.  We could use other members' assistance to assist with this and develop a social media strategy.  

Emails: The Committee is working with the College to streamline the delivery of emails.


Finance Committee:



Audit & Budget: The Committee has completed the annual audit and budget.  We are now considering a multiple-year budget, including a fundraising campaign.  

Donations:  We are processing donations to Goodenough College from Canadian alumni quarterly.

Procedures: The committee recently approved guidelines related to annual budget creation and monitoring. The committee will now codify LGAC procedures for financial administration.

Investments: During the 2nd half of the year, the Committee will review the investment portfolio and management as part of a regular due diligence exercise.


Nominations & Governance Committee:



Governance Best Practice:  We review, create and update LGAC policies and By-Laws. A new policy on Discrimination and Harassment was approved at its April meeting.  We continue to work with the Executive and Finance committee to ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory obligations.

Committee, Officer and Board Memberships: We are working to promote and manage the long-term health and vibrancy of the LGAC through the orderly appointment, continuation and succession of Committee Chairs, Officers and Directors of the LGAC.

Recruitment: We are working to recruit new members to serve on the Committees of the LGAC.  Please contact Nominations & Governance Chair, Cindy Caron Thorburn at  if you are interested in getting involved!




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