It is hard to believe the COVID-19 pandemic has lasted over a year. Thankfully, vaccinations are underway! We hope to gather in person this fall.


There was a significant loss since the LGAC's last newsletter: the passing of Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh on April 9th, 2021. On behalf of the LGAC, I sent a note of condolences to her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, a long-time patron of the College. On a positive note, we were excited to receive the College's announcement of the appointment of the Hon. Alice Walpole, OBE as the new Director of Goodenough.


I want to personally thank all the Directors and Committee Members of the LGAC for their hard work. A year following the relaunch of various committees, the LGAC is bustling with activity. Our online Port Talk series is especially vibrant, with two last Fall, four since January, and two more scheduled in May and June. We are also deep into our website and newsletter retool and launch of Goodenough's new alumni site. Additional going-ons include newly implemented financial procedures, upcoming fundraising campaigns, numerous recruits, and five new scholarship winners bound for London in September. Things are hopping!


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