Port Talk Series: January to April 2021 - June 2021 Newsletter

"Last autumn, the LGAC Membership and Social Committee decided to emulate the College’s longstanding “Port Talks” by offering a similar series of talks.  Their purpose is to engage alumni and offer them opportunities for stimulating interactions with noteworthy speakers during sporadic COVID-19 lockdowns.  There have been five talks on very different subjects so far, most by College alumni. Each talk has been highly engaging with a lively Q&A session." - KATHLEEN MCCRONE.


  • Stuart Shilson: College alumnus and Chairman of the Goodenough College Board Stuart Shilson reflected on his time as a resident and provided an update on the challenges that have affected the College throughout the COVID-19 crisis. He emphasized the great care taken to assure the safety of students who remained in residence, and his optimism about the College’s future once the pandemic has passed.
  • Christian Busch: College alumnus, New York University and LSE Professor, and author of The Serendipity Mindset spoke about the art and science of good luck. Dr. Busch outlined principles and practices for creating coincidences and opportunities, thereby creating our own 'luck' or serendipity moments.  He illustrated the mindset with anecdotes backed up with research from many scientific fields.  
  • Brian Lee Crowley: College alumnus, political economist, and Managing Director of the Macdonald-Laurier Institute spoke about his book, Gardeners vs Designers: Understanding the Great Fault Line in Canadian Politics. A problem facing Canada at present, he claims, is the division between 'designers' and 'gardeners': 'designers' prefer rapid change and have excessive confidence. 'Gardeners' instead want to see change come slowly and naturally by planting 'seeds' and cultivating pre-existing virtues.
  • Helen Antoniou: Antoniou is an executive coach, wife of College alumnus and benefactor Andrew Molson, and author of Back to Beer... and Hockey: The Story of Eric Molson. Antoniou offered insights into the life and work of her father-in-law, Eric Molson. Savior of one of Canada’s most iconic companies, Molson built it into an international brewing powerhouse.



  • Thursday, June 17th, 2021 - Join The Hon. Bill Morneau, PC, Former Federal Minister of Finance: Elected M.P. for Toronto Centre in October 2015, Bill was appointed Minister of Finance, the first rookie MP to hold that post.  He served as CEO of Morneau and Associates, an actuarial and benefits consulting firm and as Executive Chair of Morneau Shepell. Mr. Morneau has also served on Covenant House, St. Michael’s Hospital, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Canadian Opera Company, and the Toronto Zoo Foundation. Register for Morneau Talk here

Alumni interested in giving a Port Talk are invited to e-mail us at admin@lgac.ca.

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